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This is a group for photographers and filmmakers who want to meetup and shoot with other amazing creatives around Berlin! Photographers, filmmakers, models, athletes, dancers and creatives of all levels are welcome.

The goal here is to organize all sorts of events where each of us can learn something, as well as meet cool people and create beautiful art!

Upcoming Events

We’re working hard to come up with new amazing events, stay updated! 

Who we are 

Julia, Jonas, Elvira and Daniel 

As we all are photographers ourselves, we realised that our gear, eventhough being very expensive, was unused most of its time. The idea was being able to rent out the photography and filmmaking gear we were not using. And the other way around, being able to rent the gear we needed for cheaper thanks to local creatives sharing it. Since february 2019, helps photographers and filmmakers to rent their equipment to each other safely. You can rent anything from cameras, lenses, gimbals, but also drones and even studios. Everything is safely insured up to 30’000€. 

Julia and Jonas met a few years ago in Switzerland. They moved to Berlin last winter and started developing Beazy. Daniel joined one of the events in march 2019 as a street photographer and became CTO short after. They met Elvira, a passionate photographer who loved their project and the vision behind Beazy in may 2019. She also join the team and has helped organize a ton of incredible events since then. 

Past Events


Interested in hosting a workshop, photowalk or exhibiton? 

Share your skills – Host your own event !


You have knowledge you’d like to share? Experience others would value? Creative work you’d like to show? Your talent is worth everything!

Create your own workshop or photowalk concept, submit us the idea and we’ll get everything up and running for you. From finding the ones interested in your event to scouting the perfect space for your event, we’re here to support our local creatives and won’t let you down.

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