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Crushing Instagram – Growth and Ads Strategies – Webinar by Marcel and Jack

Hosted by Beazy

€20 – €25

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This workshop is to show you the Growth and Ads strategies for Individuals, Personal Brands and Companies.

We will be sharing completely new information to help you crack the Instagram success!

1. We will show you how to set up an Ad and reach 100,000 people for less than 2 Euros.
2. We will reveal the growth methodologies we use to grow 50-100 followers a day.

The speakers of this event are two of the fastest growing Instagramers in Berlin: Jack and Marcel, both are professional photographers sponsored by Canon Deutschland and worked with many leading brands.

They will be teaching everything you need to know about Instagram.

Instagram profiles:

Jack –

Marcel –

Psst, we are growing 2-3K followers a month!

What does this workshop cover?
1. Instagram Growth
2. Tricks and Strategies we use
3. Instagram Ads: Setting up Instagram Ads and defining targets to advertise!
4. How to stay safe! Actions limits etc.
5. What is dangerous and can kill your account? Fake Likes, Fake Followers, Bots, Pods, Banned Hashtags
6. Shadowban! What is it and does it even exist? How to avoid it and how to react when it happens!

At the end of session, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your profile for evaluation and feedback for free (agencies can charge you 100’s of EUR for the same).

Jack & Marcel


From 2:00PM TO 5:00PM

€20 – €25


How to find us: 
You will receive the link to the webinar by email 1 hour before the start.

We will share the recording upon request!

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